About Us

Washed up on the shores of Goa all the way back in 2006, Curves has weathered the seasons since and emerged at the forefront of Goan fashion as a veritable diamond in the rough.

Over a decade after its inception, Curves has now spread its wings and arrived on the shoes of Bali, Indonesia. With each new home, comes a brand new lease on life for this beachy boutique!

Founded on the heartfelt belief that beauty comes from the inside, Curves aims to accentuate the beauty within everyone. Each Curves outlet is headed by an entirely female-led team; trained in house comprised of bright young women from rural village with a penchant for fashion.

Branching upward these roots, every Curves piece is lovingly crafted from hand-picked fabrics, free from harsh chemicals and AZO dyes, to complement your unique beauty, and the lush, natural beauty which surrounds us all through a new wave of handcrafted opulence and bespoke artistry to accentuate the beauty within you.